About me

I am a Theatre educator & Storyteller. 
I enjoy reading short prose and poems of Tagore and Kabir immensely.
Picks up camera occasionally.

A theatre educator been involved with various aspects of theatre and looking forward to a new challenge in the development as a theatre artist. I have 12 years of experience working with children from 6 years to 14 years, teaching theatre in workshops, conducting storytelling sessions, and teaching various skills necessary for a child’s overall development using drama as a tool.

I am currently affiliated with Bewajah Art Simplified, Lucknow in India.


Masters of Arts in Economics (M.A), I.T. College, Lucknow University, 2011
Masters in Education (M.Ed), Lucknow University, 2015


  • Acting Workshop at Theatre Arts Workshop (TAW), by Prof. Raj Bisaria, Lucknow, India, 2014
  • Acting Workshop, Canberra Academy of Art (CADA), Canberra, Australia, August 2017
  • Acting Techniques Course, NIDA, National Institute of Dramatic Art, (Kensington, Sydney), held in Canberra,  Australia,  January 2018
  • Direction Workshop, Mockingbird Acting Studio & Theatre Company, Canberra, Australia, July 2018
  • Workshop on Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre (SMART) by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), held in Bengaluru, India, April 2019
  • Workshop on Educational Drama (Online) by Theatre Professional Education, Mumbai, India, July 2020
  • Storytelling Course (Online) by Kathalaya’s International Academy of Storytelling, Bengaluru, India, February  2022
  • Drama teacher in Cambridge Rickshaw Theatre Project, 2011-15.
  • Drama Teacher in Vidyatree Modern School, Lucknow, 2014.
  • Conducted many theatre workshops and storytelling sessions for children under Bewajah, Crow Creative Lab and Lucknow Book Club.
  • Theatre Light operator at Canberra Repertory Society, Canberra, Australia, 2017-18.
  • Theatre Educator at Springdays Secondary School, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 2020-2022